History (Sept. 1, 2021)

Sept. 2, 1971

A back-to-school evening last week drew many people to seek for bargains at sidewalk counters, as well as within the stores of participating merchants in downtown Sweet Home.

Prospects look favorable for a substantial Douglas fir cone harvest this fall, according to a number of forest and harvest agencies.

Indications are that quality and yield will be excellent, although because of the late spring, cones will probably not be ready for harvest for another two weeks.

Only high-quailty seed cones will be purchased. Buyers are expected to advertise for pickers.

In the Sweet Home area, there will be four buyers, according to reports from the Sweet Home Ranger Station of the Willamette National Forest.

All agencies stress the fact that pickers must obtain permits before harvesting cones. Buyers purchase cones from various elevations, so it is important for the picker to know locations in order to sell his collection.

The Annual Dance will begin school activities next Tuesday evening.

Only registered students of the four high school classes and those who are last year’s seniors will be admitted to the event, which will be in the gymnasium.

Aug. 28, 1996

A fugitive wanted on rape charges in the Portland area was arrested Thursday night following a tip from a local person that he was in Sweet Home.

Troy Allen Lukens, 27, of Gresham, who had ben employed at the Skyline Inn, was recognized as a new hire by a co-worker who saw him on a televised news report Aug. 16, police Officer James Welch said.

Construction on the new flexible manufacturing building started early last week.

Construction, by Dorman Construction of Coburg, should be completed by Dec. 27, Dave Kinney, city manager pro tem, said.

Cirtek Manufacturing, a circuit board manufacturer, has indicated it would like to use the entire 10,000-square-foot building, Kinney said.

The city was granted $460,000 for the project through the Department of Agriculture Rural Development Administration.

As originally proposed, the building, which is to be located on 7.4 acres off Osage and 43rd, can be leased for $100 per 2,000 square feet for every new job that pays at least 80 percent of the Linn County average annual wage, approximately $20,000 per year plus benefits.