Hold the line on grammar


“Aaaargh!” is not just Pirattitude.

I’ve used the expression for decades to indicate my extreme distress.

This week, my distress is caused by the lack of an apostrophe on the Mollies Bakery sign (July 26). How many Mollies are there? It should be Mollie’s Bakery. It would be easy to put in.

How can we expect youngsters to learn to spell and communicate correctly if we stoop to their level of incompetence?

While I’m at it, “it’s” means two words have been combined: “It is,” “it was” or “it has.” Period.

Every time, its with no apostrophe shows ownership. For example, “The bird preens its feathers.”

The same is true for “theirs,” no apostrophe because the word already means possession. For example, “The blue one is theirs,” or, “Theirs is the blue one.”

Don’t be ashamed of showing your intelligence.

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home