How can senators be so deaf?

How can senators

be so deaf?


In regards to our deaf senators, how can they not listen to what the people are asking for? Senators Smith and Wyden are sending messages to the people by allowing over 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty. So, I guess I will go rob a few banks, shoot a bunch of people, drive 100 mph in a school zone, break out all the glass windows of every house and business, run stop signs and red lights, etc., etc.

Why ? Because Sen. Smith and Wyden are telling the American legal citizens that it is OK to break the law.

Illegals sneak into our country illegally and now are told “It is OK, you can break our laws they really are not enforced. Please, come stay in America and abuse our school and medical services. We will give you anything you want for free. Oh, and you terrorists that are here, go ahead and blow up whatever you want because Smith and Wyden say it is OK to break the laws of the United States. And to all you prisoners, just tell Smith and Wyden to talk to the warden. I am sure they will release you.”


On another note: Is the city advertising the date of June 22 the meeting to be held at the police station regarding the privatizing of water ?

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home