Huskies finish summer hoops with 4-4 record at Seaside

The Huskies summer basketball team rounded its season out going 4-4 at the annual Seaside basketball team camp June 29 to July 2.

“It was a long week, a lot of games,” Coach Kostanty Knurowski said. The Huskies saw Gladstone for the third time this summer. After two previous wins over the Gladiators, the Huskies lost by four.

Sweet Home followed up with a win over Rainier and then defeated Sheridan and Ridgefield, Wash., on the second day.

The third day was rough, Knurowski said. The Huskies lost three games.

Connell, Wash., defeated them by “about five points,” he said. The Huskies held on most of the way but failed to overcome Evergreen, Wash., which, Knurowski said, is probably the equivalent of a 6A school in Oregon. Sweet Home finished with a loss to 5A Silverton, a well-coached club that Knurowski expects to be a 5A playoff team.

“We played tired, and we were starting to run out of gas a little bit,” Knurowski said, but the next morning, the Huskies handily defeated Vernonia to round out the camp.

Overall during summer league, the Huskies were 14-9.

All things considered, I think it was a pretty promising summer,” said Knurowski, who began coaching the Huskies this summer. The biggest thing has been he and the players getting to know each other, and the athletes adapting to a new style of play.

“Both sides are a little more comfortable with the transition,” he said. Scores, reaching into the 80s at times, show the team’s speedier tempo.”

The Huskies were competitive even when they lost, he said, thought the Washington schools gave them some stiff tests. Most of those games came down to a single possession. In a number of games, the Huskies dominated their opponents.

“It’s fun when you can score and use your quickness and athleticism to your advantage,” Knurowski said.