Husky Field renovation nears completion

Repairs to the Husky Field grandstands are nearly complete.

Local contractor Josh Darwood and his construction crew were busy putting the finishing touches on the new concrete and block landing at the end of the week.

Most of the wood structure under the landing was rotting, Darwood said. He replaced the wooden landing with a combination of concrete and block.

Workers used block at the front of the landing with steel frames across the back and a concrete slab on top.

“All of the stuff that’s out in the elements is either concrete or metal now,” Darwood said Friday. All three sets of stairs are concrete.

To pour the landing, Darwood and his crew shored up and braced the grandstand structure. Instead of pouring onto a rock base, he said, they poured the landing into deck pans, essentially large trays filled with concrete.

Friday was the last day of pouring concrete, he said. He expected one more day’s worth of work. His crew spent about four weeks working on the grandstand.

Another contractor is replacing the railings, and district employees will replace the lowest bleachers, installing handicap seating.