Hwy. 20 thief needs to repent


Thievery reared its ugliest of heads recently 30 miles east of Sweet Home along the shoulder of Hwy. 20 where a college student of the finest character sought refuge and assistance after a boulder shattered the windshield of the truck he was driving, striking and severely injuring him (Jan. 24).

A good Samaritan stopped and transported the young man to a rendezvous with medical personnel. Between this time and the time state troopers arrived to secure the accident scene, a thief stole the young man’s personal property from the vehicle. This act of dishonesty, lack of compassion and sheer absence of integrity should strike a chord of disgust and fury in all of us.

To the person who committed this theft, redeem your honor, clear your conscience and return the stolen items to a local law enforcement authority. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll be the person lying on the shoulder of the highway next time severely injured waiting to put your trust in total strangers.

Brian Wood