Impeachment trial rigged by GOP


Donald Trump said, “I could stand in the  middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

Well, that’s what he did on Jan. 6, 2021. Killed seven people, in fact, and got 140 officers injured, including brain injuries, smashed spinal discs, two who committed suicide.

But Trump and his accomplices in Congress got away with it because the Republican Party is pathologically dishonest and corrupt. They voted lockstep, as they did in the first trial. Party before country.

We all knew this would be the outcome of both impeachments, given the slide of the GOP into mindless automatons. That’s something they’ve been working up to since the totally amoral Newt Gingrich upped the name-calling, conspiracy theories, strategic obstructionism, extremism and upped the punishment for crossing the aisle.

As for the Democrats, they were obligated to pursue both impeachments, even though they knew they didn’t have the votes, in order to publicly lay out the detailed, sickening evidence for the American public to see and as a historical permanent record.

This would include putting the corrupt majority of Republicans publicly on the record as complicit in Trump’s crimes by refusing to convict him for leading a conspiracy to assassinate Pelosi and Pence and to commit other violent mayhem against his political opponents along with any other innocent folks who happened to work or be in the building at the time.

He was willing to sacrifice them all to keep his own power.

Unfortunately, given the bizarre mental illness permeating the Republican Party these past 20 years, this acquittal will be taken as a win and will spur them on to greater indifference and entrenchment.

More than 140 constitutional lawyers say the The First Amendment does not apply in impeachment proceedings; that the First Amendment does not grant the president the freedom to engage in a willful dereliction of duty.

President Trump can be convicted and disqualified because he is accused of violating his oath of office to protect the government and to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

President Trump’s speech, and the overall course of his conduct advanced the factually baseless position that the election had been “stolen” and, further, that immediate action was necessary to prevent Vice President Pence and Congress from counting and confirming the votes of electors that had been submitted (and certified) by the states.

The evidence shows that President Trump deliberately assembled the crowd of supporters; that he steeled his supporters for action and knew that they were ready to take immediate action; that he directed them to take such immediate action; that President Trump said he would be with them in such action and supported such action; that he intended such action to accomplish the unlawful disruption of the constitutional processes of Congress in counting the votes of electors and certifying the results; and that many persons in the mob that attacked Congress and the Capitol understood themselves to be doing exactly what President Trump had directed and intended for them to do.

Trump and his co-conspirators got seven people killed on Jan. 6 and the Republican response was “free speech, man!” 

Trump’s lawyers didn’t need a defense because the fix was in, had been in for 10 years.

Rigged, you might say.

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home