Intervention is park’s only hope


A March 7 Albany Democrat-Herald article written by Jennifer Moody states: “Minor changes in the same procedure requirements at the Department of State Lands could make it easier for Brownsville to control river-caused erosion in Pioneer Park.”

It’s a fact that the Calapooia River has been destroying private property in Pioneer Park and other private properties well over 50 years and getting away with it. Living in Brownsville for many years made me aware of the river’s course.

Back in the late 1950’s when Brownsville had a sawmill and three logging companies – the biggest bulldozer that could be found drove out onto the gravel bed in late summer and dozed open the channel putting the river back on course. The bank was sloped to allow people to wade the river in summer time. The next high water washed the dirt sloping bank away including the trees.

I feel the only successful way to stop this destruction of city and private property is to dig the old channel six feet deep and at least thirty feet wide.

Only large rocks the size of bailed hay lining the banks will stop the river from further destruction. Nothing else will work, I know because I live on a creek now too.

Thousands of dollars were spent tearing out the 100-year-old Brownsville Dam to help the fish. Now the fish cannot get past Brownsville because there is no channel for them to swim further. What kind of plan is this anyway?

Is the State of Oregon responsible and liable for this destruction? Once the park is gone, it cannot be put back.

It seems to me that another logger could work out much better plans at both locations that would work well.

Make no mistake- Brownsville Pioneer Park is still dear to me and others who no longer live in that community but care about its well being.

Bob Waibel

Sweet Home