Johnson offers real-life experience


Linn residents will soon get a chance to cast votes for individuals seeking to serve in public office.

It’s easy to get excited about presidential elections, but clearly, it is the people we elect to local positions that have the biggest impact on life here in Linn County. And none of those positions has more impact than that of county commissioner.

Linn County is fortunate to have a commission candidate with tremendous experience. Not political experience, but real-life, on the ground experience in business, management and service.

Linn County native Kerry Johnson has spent her entire life preparing for a position like county commissioner. A lifetime of work in our county includes numerous posts dealing with management and policy that directly impact our county.

She has owned a small business, chaired boards and committees, and built a community bank that serves farms and businesses throughout the county.

Currently, Kerry sits on the Linn County Budget Committee, perhaps the most important board in County government.

Kerry is not a political operative, she is a policy and management expert. And those are the skills we need on our County Commission.

As you prepare for the coming election, please keep one thing in mind: Linn County Commissioner is not a political position. It is a position focused on management and policy. The commissioners take care of the business of Linn County. They manage the county.

John Marble