Joseph William Brocard

Joseph William Brocard

August 2, 1929 – April 28, 2024

Joseph William Brocard, 94, of Sweet Home passed away Sunday, April 28, 2024. He was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey to Joseph and Rebecca Brocard on August 2, 1929.

Joe graduated from New Brunswick High School in 1947 and went on to attend Rutgers University, where he completed the Agricultural Program.

He went to work for his uncle, who had one of the largest roofing companies in New Jersey. He also worked as a farmer raising row crops of corn, potatoes, and even raised tomatoes for the Campbell’s Soup Company.

In January of 1951, he married Catherine Dunn and they had two children. He built their house in Belle Mead, NJ, where they lived until moving to Sweet Home in 1971.

While still back east, Joe worked as a heavy equipment operator with the Operating Engineers. He ran graders, bulldozers, cranes, backhoes and draglines. He had many colorful stories of working on the Verrazano’s Bridge, the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Turnpike along the East Coast. He was also a volunteer Fire Captain for the Griggs Town Fire Department in New Jersey.

After moving to Sweet Home, he worked for Mike Frasier Construction building and servicing roads and then for Forslund Service running heavy equipment then got a job with the State Forestry in Sweet Home as a heavy equipment operator and carpenter. Joe built, repaired and rebuilt many things on the Forestry compound. He also worked on many forest fires, building fire trail with the dozer. He retired from the State Forestry in 1994.

Joe and Catherine first raised potatoes on their riverfront property just outside of Sweet Home. Then in 1974 they began planting unique and antique varieties of apples and eventually incorporated as Antique Apple Orchard. They had over 400 trees and over 200 varieties. Joe’s family had operated a 1913 commercial apple press on the East Coast, which moved to Sweet Home with him. He and his family would run the press one day a year, producing 400-900 gallons of cider in that one day. They sold cider, apples, dried apples and cider vinegar. The public would come to the farm to enjoy a fun day of tasting apples and cider, watching the old engine run and walking through the orchard. The press ran every year for 106 years. Joe worked on his farm until 2023 when he moved to Wiley Creek Assisted Living due to health problems.

Joe is survived by his son Joseph Brocard Jr (Nancy), his daughter Karen Flickinger, brother Norman Brocard, four grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife Catherine in 2008 and his parents, Joseph and Rebecca.

Graveside service will be 12:30 pm at Gilliland Cemetery and then a memorial service at 2:00 pm Saturday, May 11th at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 22nd Ave. in Sweet Home. Sweet Home Funeral Chapel is handling arrangements.