Junior High Cheer Squad

Though not an “official” Sweet Home Junior High School sport, all of the members of the Junior High Cheer Squad are students at the junior high school. The team won the Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association state championship in February. Team members are, from left in front, are Coach Crystal Kimball, Mikkala Weld, Kaelee Almy, Veronica Szuch, Natalie Thorpe, Roslyn Sipos, Shea Roos and Janessa Baskin. In second row, from left, are Courtney Sanders, Kaylee Starelli, Mackenzie Virtue, Halie Sadowsky, Karlie Callin, Jozie Burns, Caitlyn Spencer and Kaitlyn Watts. In the rear, from left, are Cheyenne Patton, Peyton Plebuch, Joleen Smith, Karly Newport and Jill Jensen.