Keep fire district up to date


New story, new needs and standards placed on our fire district.

The fire district is not only trying to obtain but “needs” safe, modern fire equipment.

The two old fire engines the districts to replace are 30 and 26 years old respectively, not 20 as mentioned in a letter by Leonard Brikeland last week.

As for refurbishing these engines, I wouldn’t take my personal vehicle to a hardware store for maintenance. Why should the fire department have a piece of emergency fire apparatus worked on at a hardware store in Harrisburg that does a small amount of metal fabrication?

There is one business in Harrisburg that has any experience with fire equipment. They have never built a structural fire engine. The last vehicle they attemptted was in 1997, a water hauler for the Harrisburg Fire Department.

The aerial apparatus the fire district is trying to obtain is now required for them and the community to maintain its current Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating, which will help keep local insurance rates at or near current levels. There are several more sensible reasons for our fire department to have an aerial apparatus. Increasing our firefighters’ safety when working on multi-story roofs and to help protect all the businesses in our community, which employ many of us. That’s reason enough for me.

This equipment bond, “Ballot Measure 22-66,” is spread over a 10-year period. That doesn’t sound like a “one gulp” attempt by the fire district to me. It’s an attempt at spreading the cost out over a longer period of time, making it less burdensome on taxpayers.

Old, non-progressive thinking and inaccurate information can be misleading.

It also could contribute to one of our local firefighters being injured and or killing using a substandard, noncompliant fire equipment. You would think an old firefighter would understand the importance of safe, modern firefighting equipment and be supportive of the volunteer firefighters and paramedics who serve and protect our community.

Tammy Tyler

Sweet Home