Keep our natural resources at home


Oh wow, someone wants to preserve a few acres of real forestland and there is, and I quote, “a loud outcry from public and forest industry officials” (The New Era, March 9, Douglas Fir National Monument).

Dave Furtwangler of CTC doesn’t like it, and Weyerhaeuser and Hill Timber don’t like it. Well, I don’t like thousands of acres of prime forest land reduced to a sterile Christmas tree farm.

Weyerhaeuser and CTC treat the forest like a corn field, cut it all and move on. They lock their gates and keep the public out, many of the roads originally built by the B.L.M. and Forest Service to access public land.

Much of their original holdings were given to them by the government in payment for promises they (the timber companies) made and never kept. Don’t believe me? Do the research.

Willamette Industries knew how to manage their lands. Weyerhaeuser saw it, lusted after it, was able to seize it and in less than 10 years completely rape and destroy it. Now they’re planning the same thing for the newly acquired Plum Creek holdings.

Everything Weyerhaeuser touches turns to dung. I spent 15 years as a logger and 40 years as an outdoorsman – hunting, fishing, hiking, etc. I’m sickened by what greed, stupidity, lies and corruption have done to the forests of the state.

Trust me, CTC, Hill Timber and Weyerhaeuser could care less about Sweet Home, or this area, or the animals or the environment. Money is their only concern.

Thirty years ago I despised the tree huggers. Now I thank God they were able to save some of the land. If not for the John Muirs of the world, every hillside would look like my front yard.

You can log, make money, save jobs and enjoy the woods by keeping our natural resources at home instead of shipping them to China and Japan for extra profit.

John Marano