Kerry Johnson ‘capable’


I have known Kerry Johnson many years as an employee, co-worker and friend.

I have found Kerry to be very intelligent and admired her ability to grasp and learn any new endeavor she pursues. I watched her do it with her work on the Oregon Racing Commission, the Linn County Fair Board and with the Willamette Community Bank. Even with her beekeeping.

Kerry has a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I was always amazed at the times I knew she was dead tired, and still she would take time to talk with you. I’ve noticed Kerry has a great respect and a special place in her heart for the elderly and takes the time to visit.

Because Kerry has lived, worked and been active in her community she has the ability to network and delegate just from the sheer number of people she knows. Plus she has a pulse of what is going on in her community. She knows the history of where we have been.

I think Kerry is capable of fulfilling her duties as commissioner, her banking background will serve her well with budgeting and spending and her astute experience with people will help her to hire great people to serve the county. I believe she is ready to rise to the occasion.

Kathy Cox