Kids Christmas a community effort


There is no way to express the gratitude and love for the community I have with all the support they shared for our fourth annual Kids Free Christmas Store we held on Dec. 15.

We gave out 770 gifts, with 147 kid shoppers.

  I have served on the Home Sweet Home for Christmas Committee for six years now. Four years ago the committee said we did not have enough things for the kids to do and I came up with the idea to provide a store where kids could shop – at no cost – for all the members in their house.

With the same love for children, my husband gave me his Christmas bonus and I shopped and we personally sponsored the kid store. We held it at the American Legion Hall. 

The following year I asked Pastor Brian at the Evangelical Church, if we could use their gym for the store, and he agreed, being gracious to us in so many ways.

I went out and sought financial sponsors for the event and put boxes up around town where the public could donate. I also went to people that love kids and asked them to help pull off this event.

I got personal shoppers and wrappers. Dutch Brothers came and donated hot chocolate for the kids at the event. The women at the Evangelical Church provided cookies.

It all came together. It is the only event in Sweet Home where kids can shop for their families at no cost.

The blessings are unreal. The gifts and finances come easily and this year I applied for a grant from the city and was blessed when I received a $500 grant. 

The kids are so thankful that they can get a toothbrush for their dad, even though he may not have good teeth. Another boy is so excited that he can get jerky for his dad, because his dad loves it. A little boy is genuinely happy he can give his little sister a hairbrush. 

I thank Sweet Home for their generosity for the children. Children are a blessing of the Lord. We cannot out-give God and when we give to His children, He takes care of it, more that we could ever imagine.

Thank you Sweet Home, I love and appreciate you and know that you made some little kids very happy that they could give to their families.

Merry Christmas. 

Nancy Patton

Sweet Home