Kropf off base on border wall


Rep. Jeff Kropf is entirely wrong that a wall or fence will stop illegal imigration and coyotes trafficking in human suffering. I live and have worked in law enforcement in southern Arizona for about 20 years.

The only way to stop the illegals is to provide a means to cross legally, i.e., guest worker program and a viable means to citizenship.

There are thousands of jobs that gringos will not take as they’re too hard, too dirty or don’t pay enough. These are the jobs the illegals take and usually perform at very well and yes they pay state and federal taxes also, just like everyone else. Give them the opportunity to prove they can be assets to our great country.

I personally know many Mexicans, both legal and illegal, who are productive workers supporting out country, by living a good clean life here in the good old U.S.A.

I would suggest the next time Rep. Kropf wants to learn the truth he get out of his fancy plane and car and really meet the people.

Richard Leland

Benson, Ariz.