Kudos for City Hall


For all the new arrivals who have been bashing Sweet Home for one reason or another, I’d like to recount a situation I recently had with the city of Sweet Home, Public Works Department and

(Public Works Director) Mike Adams specifically.

Prior to the mailing of my last water bill, the City of Sweet Home called to put me on notice of an extraordinarily large water bill. There was obviously a leak somewhere. I did some research and came to the conclusion that the city and/or one of the city projects was responsible for the leak.

Having recently (seven years ago) moved here from Southern California, I armed myself with paperwork and steeled myself with attitude as I marched to City Hall.

I asked for Mike Adams (without an appointment) and was informed Mike was on the phone and would be with me shortly. Approximately two minutes later Mike welcomed me into his office. I explain the situation. Mike calmly reached for the phone and set up a meeting with the contracting company. In the next 10 minutes, I met with the city inspector, the contractor and finally with the Solution Guy. All meetings were concluded within the hour. By the end of the day, the leak was fixed. Problem solved.

If I had encountered this same difficulty in Southern California, a month later I would still be waiting for Mike to get off the phone. Along the way I would have encountered rude people with major attitudes. The predicament would have escalated and ended up in court about six months to a year later. Problem still unresolved.

So, those of you who want to tear down Main Street because some ‘Yuppie’ states Main Street is an eyesore not worth saving, remember beauty is only skin deep.

I would rather have city employees who step up to the plate and get the job done than have a city that is a clone of all the other yuppie cities.

I would rather encounter the business owners and the citizens of Sweet Home with their smiles and “how can I help you?” attitudes, than be fearful of stressful encounters.

I chose to move to Sweet Home because of the people and their wonderfully helpful manners. Every time I hit the Narrows on my way home I thank my lucky stars I was smart enough buy into this community.

By the way, Mike, I would have enjoyed the argument.

Judith Brown

Sweet Home