Leaders need to heed traffic issues


I’m sending letters to our senator, mayor, president protem, five councilors, our school district superintendent, the chief of police, fire chief, Attorney General, and to Linn County about the problem in Sweet Home that I’m writing about. 

We have lots of senior residents who’ve lived in Sweet Home over 30 years.

The problem is the Hawthorne Elementary School is getting worse every year with traffic from school. 

It takse about 10 minutes from Clark Mill to 35th on Long Street because of traffic. 

The principal of school should let the parents take their children to Sweet Home Christian Church or All Star’s Entry on Long Street so the school bus could pick the children up and take them to school and back. 

That would make less traffic when school is open and easy way for the residents and emergency equipment come in and out.

I went to the school district in Sweet Home and asked for help with the problem with the school traffic. They did nothing about it. 

So I’m sending this letter to all the people I list and asking for help with the school traffic at Hawthorne Elementary School in Sweet Home. 

The people I list need to go to Hawthorne Elementary School and see how much traffic there is. Maybe they could help with the traffic problem.

I’d like to hear responses in The New Era so residents could read about it. 

Cleta Felix

Sweet Home