Left, right-wingers need a mediator


I am willing to look the fool in hope that what I say might have some effect in this highly polarized country. Please allow me to ramble for a few paragraphs.

What I am about to say is not an affront to the person, but to make a point.

Ms. AC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is promoting a Green New Deal. Much of what she has to say is valid, especially in the area of global warming. The problem is that air conditioning the equator is counterproductive at the Arctic and Antarctic. Why? Because the approach is imbalanced.

You will smile or possibly even bend over in laughter, but please allow me to use a silly example in a string of comments. There is validity in getting rid of many of the farting cows.

How? If we as a global community eliminated the farting cows, the grain needed to produce one pound of meat (approximately – 20 pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat) could feed the world’s poor.

Yes, if we did that, every starving child would get three good meals per day.

But there is a problem with that: We would have an exponential population explosion. Now we need responsible birth control, not abortion.

Now let me slap the other polarized party. If the right hypocrites were honest, they would admit that the first command given to Adam and Eve at creation was to take care of the earth. The right has not done their job either. In order to keep hold or grab “our power,” we would kill our Messiah in order to maintain it.

What is my point here? The left are grasping two gods (socialism and evolution), whose grave is empty and hopeless. They argue the high ground without the power to deliver the utopia they seek.

The right has the open grave, but their rhetoric hasn’t changed the world – so why try to look holy? We (the right religious base) have just a different choice of favorite sins.

Now the point: Why can’t the two sides find a mediator and not a politician to bring them together and make a better world?

Now I will make a few illustrations that would be areas that we could come together and make a difference in. These happen to be my passions.

I say that human waste is as important as oxygen and carbon dioxide. We breathe out carbon dioxide and plants breathe it in and off gas oxygen. Both, in excess, are not a good thing but in balance give health to our ecosystem. Human waste concentrated in the city is a bad thing, but when processed and distributed correctly is also important to our ecosystem.

I say that not one teaspoon of garbage should be put into landfill, but when processed can be a blessing to our ecosystem and society in general.

Our cities are full of the poor and homeless. Yes also we (in my opinion) need border management, but if we focused on the need of these precious people in the cities and other countries, there would be no need for border control or housing and feeding without a helping hand to a better life. Not everyone can be helped, but I say the majority can be and want legitimate help.

Yes there are many other ways or problems that we need to also focus on, but these are just a few where my passion lies.

So what is my solution? Find a mediator!

Alvin Kimball

Sweet Home