Lessons from the Aussies


I got a chuckle from the “Famous Last Words” segment in the “They’ll Do It Every Time” cartoon in the Nov. 26 issue.

In Australia, as the evening starts to wear on, the hostess will ask,

“Would you like another cuppa?” (There has not been another cuppa since the meal was finished.)

“Yes, thank you, that sounds good.”

But it is culturally understood that when that cuppa is finished, so is the conversation… go home.

Americans are too obtuse to catch on – they yak on and on, endlessly, unless a kind friend clues them in. I was grateful for my friend in Australia, who knew the local customs!

We could learn a lesson from them.

While we’re talking about cultural clues, in the Land of “Oz” there is no “sidewalk dance” with oncoming pedestrians, in which you have to figure out which side to pass oncoming pedestrians.

Aussies stick strictly to the rules of the road… stay in your lane, even on the sidewalk (which they call pavement).

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home