Let kids solve their own problems


The public school system is broke and wasting money.

Yet the local school board refuses input to stop the money loss. It’s really easy.

All families with high school- level children should be responsible to assure their children attend school, not the state.

All high schoolers should be required to find their own transportation to public school. To eliminate buses for high school-aged kids would save money.

The problem is really a matter of control. The teachers union and school board will never entertain a solution to help with money loss. It takes control of families out of their hands.

School boards and teachers really believe that they, and not parents, have the only answers to running our local education system.

Students would respond well to loss of transportation and, given the chance, they would adapt, improvise and overcome.

It’s sad that in a time of leadership, those in charge refuse to allow young people to overcome adversity and start the process of maturity.

Royce Cantrell

Sweet Home