Letter: Alum missing school band (Oct. 6, 2021)


Where is the Sweet Home High School band?

While attending the Huskies home games, I have noticed the empty section in the stadium where the high school band has normally been.

The band has been a tradition for many years and it left a big void in the atmosphere surrounding the football game. Playing the national anthem, the music at timeouts and half time are missed.

I am a 1972 graduate of Sweet Home and was a member of the high school band under the direction of Ted Marshall. We played all pep assemblies, football games, basketball games, etc.

This past June was our 50th anniversary that Sweet Home High School band travelled all through Europe playing concerts. We raised money for a year to be able to go, we practiced in AM, in regular class and after school.

Mr. Marshall prepared us very well and we, as student musicians, worked very hard to make sure we represented our community well.

So please, someone get the band back on the field.

Thank you!

Randy Claussen

Sweet Home