Letter: Anger weakens abortion argument (Oct. 6, 2021)


It was with a sad heart that I read Diane Diaute’s letter of Sept. 22.

There is so much anger in it that I had to set it aside before could finish reading it.

Yes, there are many, many destructive forces we as humans daily battle; no one battle is the same to each of us.

Abortions seemed to be her main topic; however, the anger made it difficult to discern if she was trying to defend a right or the awfulness of destroying a life!

It is quite notable that only those who get to be born and grow up get to decide if the next one gets to live or not. Sadly, wars and the destruction involved are also hard for all of us to deal with.

Religion is all man-made. That is why it fails to meet the real need of humanity:

There is only one truth that accomplishes that. Truth is a person; we call Him Jesus.

Eventually, everyone will meet Him and submit to His Kingdom. Then there will no more anger.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie J. Neal

Sweet Home