Letter: Appreciation for local doctor’s help (Dec. 21, 2022)


My biggest thank you has to go to Dr. Sam Milstein of Ridgeway Health.

Sweet Home is just coming to realize how fortunate we are to have Ridgeway Health in town.

Having practiced veterinary medicine in Sweet Home for over 40 years, I always judge local professionals, first, by how involved they

are in the community, and second, by how competent they are in their profession.

I was very ill last week and spent 24 hours in an ER with an inappropriate diagnosis and treatment. When my condition worsened, I visited Ridgeway Health. The staff recognized I needed special attention and it was reassuring to recognize that expression of immediate awareness in the eyes of Dr. Milstein as he entered the exam room.

Dr. Milstein went over me with a fine-toothed comb. He consulted with two colleagues during the exam. And knowing the urgency of treatment, he transported me to the ER at RiverBend Hospital in Eugene.

Just how much is owed to Dr. Milstein for my recovery can be debated, but I think a bunch.I have received special treatment from doctors in the past, sort of as a professional courtesy, but the personal touch displayed by Dr. Milstein is rarely heard of in medicine today.

Sweet Home is indeed lucky to have Ridgeway Health and Dr. Milstein. I cannot give them a high enough recommendation.

I have signed up on the waiting list for primary care and I would recommend that to anyone in town.

David E. Larsen, DVM

Sweet Home