Letter: Bible sets forth big ‘If’ for nation (April 26, 2023)


As the National Day of Prayer approaches on Thursday, May 4, we are reminded of one of the prominent Bible verses in II Chronicles 7:14, which states, “If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sins, and heal their land,”

Long since before any of us were born, America, this country of ours, was labled a “Christan nation,” with Judeo-Christian values, founded by God-fearing men and women, who desired to set up a country on Christan principles. We had the priviledge to inherit this land many have called the greatest, most properous in the history of the world.

But now, and it seems confirmed by every conversation about the state of our union, we are in a political, social, and moral freefall. A sick nation! So if we read the above scripture backwards and see that our country is not healing but declining at an accelerating rate, that takes us to the very first word of the verse, the big IF.

This remedy comes directly from the mouth of the Lord to Solomon and Israel, a people who were called by his name and it is America’s promise as well. Knowing God is faithful to his word, can we not conclude we are not doing our part of the big IF? How desperate are we for God to fix only what He can fix? How dire must our circumstances become?

Our families, cities, states and country look like a house of cards that would barely withstand one more puff of wind before it comes crashing down. What percentage of time do we spend seeking Him out in comparison to our devices, hobbies or pleasures? Without seeking Him out we’ll never have enough conviction to see our wickedness and resolve to turn from it.

Our forefathers saw their need and ours, so they instituted a day like the National Day of Prayer. Shall we not take advatage of it and devote a day for fasting and prayer?

Let us flood the events of the day, overflow Hillside Fellowship in the evening (see page 6 for a schedule of events) and spill out into the streets. Are we not collectively desparate enough in this day and this hour?

Bring your kids, bring your parents, encourage your family and friends, bring the infirm.

Everyone made in the image of God has a prayer and a “cry of their heart.” This is not a day to receive of the Lord but to give, to be thankful, to give respect and to implore Him.

God is looking for a whole-heart and there are times when a whole town and whole nation needs to turn towards Him.

Kevin Roberts

Sweet Home