Letter: Cate’s performance not what we need; vote for Cooke (Oct. 12, 2022)


Jami Cate’s voting record in the state Legislature leaves a lot to be desired.

Mary Cooke is the Lebanon resident and candidate who cares about serving the needs of constituents in District 11.

Ms. Cate has consistently opposed helping her constituents who are in need through no fault of their own.  She voted against foreclosure and mortgage assistance during the pandemic; she voted against extending the period for late rent payments; she voted against COVID-19 relief to low-income households.

Additionally, she’s voted against the well-being of Oregon workers.  When her fellow legislators wanted to end required overtime for farmworkers without overtime pay, she voted no.  When the legislature proposed requiring manufacturers notify their employees of the mandatory overtime in advance; again, she voted no.

There have been a multitude of failures in addressing the problem of environmental changes due to climate change.  Ms. Cate voted against a task force to figure out how we can make buildings more energy-efficient.

Ms. Cate has opposed the interests of the elderly by voting against minimal standards for home-based care providers.

Our children have been overlooked too.  Ms. Cate has voted against limiting the power of school boards to wrongly fire superintendents, and she voted against background checks for both school and childcare employees.

I, for one, hope to have Mary Cooke as my representative in this important district. 

Wendy Nilsen