Letter: Didn’t vote? Then don’t complain (Oct. 12, 2022)


All voters need to actually vote (emphasis) in the upcoming election.

According to the Secretary of State website, only 35% of all the voters in Linn County returned their voted ballots for the last election in May 2022.

Statewide, the percentage was only 37.8% of all ballots mailed out. Shame on us.

Shame on you if you complained about the results but didn’t bother to actually vote the ballot you received.

There is still time to update your voter registration by contacting the County Elections Office before the ballots drop on Oct. 18.

In a few weeks we will hav e elections which will be crucial to preserving our rights and liberties according to our Constitution. The last two years have devastated our country in so many ways that we need every voter to cast their ballot this November.

This is the time to support local and national candidates that share our values and priorities.

Your individual vote will be vital to this election. I urge you to vote your ballot and return it to one of the drop boxes located around the county or deliver it to the County Clerk Elections Office in the Courthouse.

Carole Thomas

Precinct 48 Committee Person

Linn County