Letter: Do what it takes to keep kids in school (Sept. 15, 2021)


Hello, Sweet Home.

We have a common purpose: protecting and doing what’s best for our children. As a parent, retired teacher and grandmother, I am deeply concerned that we are not doing enough to keep our children safe.

Personally, I know just how dedicated our teachers are to their students, always putting them first in every way. Yes, it is an inconvenience to wear a mask, but kids belong in school. They deserve to be safe, free of worry, able to learn, socialize and stay mentally well.

As a parent of a disabled daughter, my husband and I had to be her advocate, making sure she got the schooling she deserved. That included making hard decisions that we had to live with, such as trusting the doctors and science behind many medications she had to take to control seizures. Had we not, she would not have achieved the quality of life she has today. It would have been selfish had we done otherwise.

It disappointed me to see our School Board voting against the mask mandate. With 27% of the total of new COVID cases being children, we cannot afford to let a mask, or a vaccination stand in the way of their health, well-being or future.

Please do your part to keep our kids in school.

Vaccinations and mask are our best tools to protect each other and our loved ones.

Dawn Dalton

Sweet Home