Letter: Duncan has what it takes for position (Oct. 19, 2022)


Linn County and the people who live here are important to me.

This is where I grew up, met the love of my life and raised my children. This is a wonderful community, and I have dedicated most of my adult life ensuring it stays that way.

I know exactly what it takes to be the Linn County Sheriff. I, like Sheriff Duncan, held every level of leadership at the Sheriff’s Office. Each of those promotional steps taught me something that prepared me for being the sheriff. Unlike what her opponent is saying, you can not buy experience or dismiss the importance of it.

From leading the staff to managing the budget, it is a complex job that requires time, training and experience to truly master. Sheriff Duncan has taken those steps and learned all the lessons along the way. She is not afraid to make those difficult decisions that may be unpopular, but she will make them because they are right.

Over the years, I have watched Sheriff Duncan grow as a person and as a leader. She takes responsibility for what she does, and doesn’t shy away from anything or anyone. She is thoughtful and educated in her decisions. She manages taxpayer money with a keen eye, and she works diligently everyday to keep the peace with dignity, honesty and compassion.

I give my full support to Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan.

Please join me in voting to retain Sheriff Michelle Duncan.

Jim Yon

Retired Linn County Sheriff

Sweet Home