Letter: Government gains power while people sleep (Sept. 7, 2022)


America now has a new form of government. Have you noticed? Its executive agencies are militarized and going rogue.

Meanwhile, many Democrats criticize, denounce, and condemn fellow citizens who retain and exercise their Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. This has become a Democrat political custom, even though liberals personally have armed bodyguards themselves, supported by taxpayers.

So, instead of enabling and festering in that ritual political feud, let’s ponder the executive bureaucrats that have amassed their firepower while citizens have been distracted.

For example, from 2009-2016 (during President Obama’s two terms) US Executive Agencies amassed giant armories of weapons.

Here is a single example: Seventy-six federal administrative agencies spent $110 million on sophisticated weaponry, ammunition, and military grade equipment of all sorts.

For those suffering with a case of Trumpitis, the Trump White House did not purchase any guns, ammunition or military-style equipment and did not continue the agency armament program. He did ensure America’s military was funded well.

What was purchased during that time before Trump? (OpentheBooks.com) Military handguns, rifles, weapons, ammunition, other armaments, ground vehicles, night vision equipment, body armor and paramilitary training, equipment of all types and resources plus vehicles and aircraft that are unconstrained by constitutional or military regulations.

The military purchases supply U.S. executive branches as military forces to be activated domestically by unelected agency leadership.

In America now, there are more federal officers with weapons, arrest and firearm authority (287,000), than there are U. S. Marines (182,000).

History Note: The Gestapo in Nazi Germany had (only) 32,000 soldiers.

With the USA’s most recent 2022 legislation, the IRS alone is funded and scheduled to have an additional armed force of 87,000. Many other agencies (except the USA’s Border Patrol) have large numbers of trained and equipped special agents.

Who is accountable in this agency domination?

Where is the separation of powers in the control and use of this Executive Branch weapons inventory?

What could possibly go wrong in the land of the free and the home of the brave? We already have precursor examples.

All this is not constitutional. Conservatives argue that it is hypocritical for political leaders to criticize private gun-ownership while simultaneously equipping unaccountable non-military agencies with hollow-point bullets and military grade equipment. What do you say?

Have you asked your elected representatives what they have to say about this?

Pete Ready