Letter: Hypocrisy shows in abortion fight (Sept. 22, 2021)


The hypocrisy of the people of faith is stunning, I’ll tell you.

All religions are loaded with sexual predators preying on teens and prepubescent boys and girls! In my opinion they have zero right in the whole sex debate. Zero! They are themselves deeply guilty of committing sex crimes and covering them up!! Using their god to get sex.

I mean, if that’s not immoral, I don’t know what is. Plus, they then instead of doing the moral/right thing and reporting them to the police and firing them, silently move these perverts from church, synagogue, madrassa to the next.

How dare they speak to us about the immorality of abortion and contraception let alone crafting and lobbying for laws that affect the whole world population? How dare they speak to us about the sanctity of life with their blood history? They refuse to look at themselves and be humbled.  

These people are the very definition of irrational blind fanatics/zealots/fiends. 

At six weeks you don’t even know you’re pregnant. It’s still an embryo, not a fetus, and it has no heart – just a group of cells firing electrical signals.  

The most horrifying bit about the Texas law is that in order to circumvent its unconstitutionality, it deputized Texas citizens as abortion bounty hunters to go after and to sue anyone breaking the law – $10,000 and attorneys’ fees for a successful lawsuit.

And, it just so happens, “Texas Right to Life” has a whistleblower website up and running, just waiting for snitches. They say they are ready with a network of activist vigilantes. Sounds like Nazi Germany’s 1933 decree that required all Germans (including children) to turn in anyone who spoke against the party.

Ditto Russia.

Welcome to sharia law, American-style  If it was up to the Religious Right (RR) and the GOP that services them, abortion would be a felony with a life sentence.

I’ve always found it incomprehensible that men are making these decisions against us women like we’re the enemy. Especially since they are not going to stop demanding sex from women, they’re not going to practice abstinence, they hate condoms, they’re scared of vasectomies and some can get vicious if denied.

So, you would think they’d be all for contraceptives but no, the RR/GOP are against even contraceptives for reasons that make absolutely zero sense, whatsoever.

All of these anti-abortion/anti-contraceptives laws only affect poor women, women with no power. It’s discrimination.

They are being left with no recourse but to submit unprotected and to have babies like feral cats which of course keeps them poor and powerless. For some cruel reason, the RR and GOP want to saddle poor women with babies – unwanted babies, babies who will more than likely grow up to be poor themselves… and repeat… 

This is why we need to repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is being used as an excuse to discriminate, hurt, and deny people their civil rights, and is twisting America’s definition of religious freedom.

America is a secular nation with freedom of religion, meaning you can practice any religion you want. That does not give you license to impose your religious beliefs onto others or hurt others in the name of your beliefs.

Our Founding Fathers said no to a theocracy, and yes to separation of church and state. 

This is why we need to repeal the obscene 1984 Mexico City Policy (the Global Gag Rule). “Oh, we’ll give you aid, but only if you comply with our religious anti-abortion/anti-contraception beliefs.” It’s a sick GOP and RR policy that hurts poor powerless women worldwide.

Numerous studies and research have concluded the policy to be counterproductive and harmful to women’s health, cause more abortions to occur and kills or permanently maims women but the Republicans and pro-lifers don’t care. You can just hear them sneer, “serves ’em right.”

That’s why we need to pass The Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights Act to prevent future presidents from unilaterally imposing the Global Gag Rule.

This is why we need to repeal the Hyde Amendment, another abortion law that even its sponsor, Republican Henry J. Hyde, flippantly admits targets poor women only: “I certainly would like to prevent, if I could legally, anybody having an abortion, a rich woman, a middle-class woman, or a poor woman.”

Don’t forget it was the born-again evangelical George W. Bush and crew who put us in the losing 20-year war with Iraq and Afghanistan (he even called it a crusade) that killed at least 801,000 people, caused the global spread of tens of million Muslim refugees, and has totally destabilized the world, making us all less safe, and has brought America to its knees. 

I say the world should cut a deal with big pharma – we’ll pay your high prices if you make all forms of contraceptives free worldwide. The world needs to make vasectomies/sterilizations/IUDs free as well. 

Shelley Lynn Thornton, (the Roe v Wade baby), said that if she could be said to represent anything, it was not the sanctity of life but the difficulty of being born unwanted.

She’s not pro-life nor pro-choice about abortion: “I guess I don’t understand why it’s a government concern,”  and she said it upset her that the Enquirer had described her as pro-life, a term that connoted, in her mind, “a bunch of religious fanatics going around and doing protests.”

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home