Letter: Is this liberty or mass groupfear? (Jan. 12, 2022)


In 2022 will Americans turn to basic life and liberty principles?

When a nation’s leaders identify and isolate non-criminal citizens, something wicked this way comes.

Back in the day, Americans were presumed innocent until proven guilty. They had to be accorded due process.

Americans were even allowed to die if they wanted to. They skydived, bungee jumped, committed free ski, and motorcycled. Their bodies, their choice. In America, this means each person can decide for him/herself if they want to risk COVID infection by not taking a “vaccine.”

In those days, until there were symptoms and a test proving infection, government had no lawful cause to restrict individual freedom of movement.

Punishing people on the mere possibility of illness has always been morally and legally suspect.

Until now.

American citizens have a right to not be infected by others while, at the same time, others have a right to go about their business.

Unvaccinated people are not being suicidal. Many have strong natural immunity, especially if they have already recovered from COVID. Others believe the risk from the vaccine is greater than the risk from the disease. COVID is still a mild illness for most.

The current president has mandated that everyone take them and people will lose their careers and liberty for not taking the jab. In fact, America’s president calls the “unvaccinated” the plague itself.

His exaggerated threats are part of the creating-hysteria script. This is also global: As the London Telegraph reported last year, “Use of fear to control behavior was ‘totalitarian,’ admit scientists.”

This medical “Great Reset” has destroyed the doctor-patient relationship. Citizens formerly free and docile, have been corralled into today’s world of livestock medicine: drive-through nasal swabs and injections according to commands issued on television. It is not a surprise that many have lost trust in public health authorities that dictate command-control “outcomes.”

There is not a stop sign yet in this administration’s control and de-population agendas. They are un-checked by Congress, the Attorney General seeks to prosecute parents as “terrorists,” and docile courts are questionable.

We need clarity; we are now amid actions and directives more suspect than current generations have witnessed in America.

Resolve to live free. Jesus Christ is our only source of true freedom. Seek Him.

John 8:36, in the Bible, states: “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Peter Ready