Letter: Just going by rules of the road


Wow, since I have been blasted for my previous letters regarding the marijuana sales here in Sweet Home, I am going to bow out of all of it.

I am a professional truck driver, have been for almost 40 years. Right up to this day I have been warned by every company I ever drove for and all media concerning driving trucks, that marijuana was considered a “dangerous drug” and therefore forbidden to be in possession of or using same.

Regulated drug tests before hiring and anytime while employed were to check for use. If it was found in the system that terminated employment, period.

So I believed it, and in my ignorance of some in the general population disagreeing with that edict, I actually thought it was important to protest its availability where I live.

My error. I will continue to respect the rules of trucking industry and avoid it. If any of those in the society around me choose to imbibe, I will hope they are not driving.

It is my understanding on my part also. Never too old to learn new ideas, just not always willing to accept them as necessary for the “pursuit of happiness.”

Bonnie J. Neal

Sweet Home