Letter: LCSO needs new leadership at top (May 18, 2022)


I’ve noticed Michelle Duncan has a slogan “because experience matters.” This carries no weight because it’s about love, caring, being genuine, and present.

Prime example, Vince Lombardi was a high school teacher. He was asked to coach the boys’ basketball team. He had never coached boys basketball before and had only limited playtime as a high school student.

He checked a book out from the library and led those boys to state championship! Experience means nothing when you have the right attitude! We all know the rest of the story regarding Vince Lombardi and his very successful career.

Jon Raymond, the leading candidate for Linn County Sheriff, has experience respecting others, acting with integrity, obvious natural highly skilled leadership, commanding respect, building, and supporting peers, lifting others, practicing honesty, helping the public, respecting resources…I could go on and on.

You can check the list of his supporters compared to Duncan’s.

We need new leadership at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. Please vote for Jon Raymond, Linn County Sheriff.

Don Nelson