Letter: Making abortion crime not for free (July 27, 2022)


In last week’s “Inter-Face Voices” of the Albany Democrat Herald, I learned why the Catholic faith does not allow women to end an unwanted pregnancy.

The author explained: “As Catholics, we believe that at the moment of conception, God infuses the new being with a soul.”

That is a very interesting argument and no Catholic women should be forced to have an abortion. 

The gods of the other Christian denominations and of the other world religions may have a different schedule for the infusion of souls into embryos or fetuses. Atheists do not even have this service.

Thus, these groups may allow their members to allow abortions at various stages of  pregnancy.  All people of this country have the right to live according to their religions or world-views, and none of us should be allowed to force upon others the rules that our god expects us to follow.

Making abortions a crime is not consistent with a modern free society.

Wolf Krebs

Sweet Home