Letter: Measure 114 ‘deeply flawed’ (Oct. 26, 2022)


Ballot Measure 114 is deeply flawed for many reasons. In the Oregon Voters Pamphlet, the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association and the Chiefs of Police Association were clear.

BM114 is not enforceable, even with adjustments to correct its many errors. BM114 is unfunded and will pull funding from first responders thus making our communities less safe.

The permit process will disproportionately impact marginalized populations and prevent them from exercising their 2nd amendment rights and providing for their self-defense. The most obvious is the projected costs for the requirements will make it impossible for some to complete the process.

Additional issues include, but are not limited to:

— Permit requirements are not defined.

— Permit registration database is not protected from public disclosure.

— Training officers, facilities, and budgets are NOT resourced.

BM114 will NOT:

— Impact criminal intent / actions.

— Impact actions of an individual bent on violence

— Deter domestic violence, familicide, or gang violence.

— Force a criminal to obey laws they already ignore.

In summary, it is a measure that is poorly written, nearly impossible to implement, and does nothing for improving public safety.

Craig Griswold

Rockaway Beach