Letter: Most oblivious to what’s reality (May 24, 2023)


What’s wrong with the bought-and-sold portions of this country today? The nation has forgotten God intentionally.

There is a case for saying far too many residents are no longer citizens but are brainwashed into passive war-hawks who have thrown out independent thinking and replaced it with auto system-compliance.

Is this stage the economic cultural and religious death-rattle of democracy, real journalism and culture? Some think so.

We can be thankful for The New Era’s real journalism.  

Being “woke” is the devil’s equivalent of being a born-again Christian. The devil identifies as an angel. Does that give him full access to heaven?

America’s “woke” state-mandated terminal sex-change surgeries without parental knowledge or consent is state-mandated body snatching.

Their living-but-now-deformed trophy specimens will continue to endure and suffer all their prior unsolved lifelong ailments plus additional state-mandated gender deformity malpractices and pharma-drug complications and dependencies.  Is this progress?

The main reason for the growth of humanity from 1 to 8 billion over the past 200 years is simple: fossil fuels are abundant, cheap, and efficient, and provide reliable energy at scale that can be manufactured into usable products. Renewables, however, cannot manufacture anything for humanity.  

Evidence just released reveals the CIA interfered in the most recent presidential election. The Hunter Biden laptop reveals many sordid actions as well as many Joe Biden “himself” doing influence peddling which is not Russian “disinformation.”

Please consider seriously that this one-party system could soon force Americans to a new “trackable” version of the U.S. dollar (no more) and that they could have the power to “turn off” your money.  

Pete Ready