Letter: Music’s benefits go far beyond pleasure (June 22, 2022)


My personal experience learning music on the trumpet started at the age of 5.

Being encouraged to continue playing through the many tough stages in learning music has had a positive impact throughout my life.

Being in performing groups creates a bond between musicians that can last a lifetime. It gave me a special place to be in every school that I ever attended. The band room became an undesignated home room before, at break, at lunch, and after school if you chose it to be.

Over the years neuroscientists have discovered that we are born with 100 billion neurons in our brain. How they are connected continues after birth, depending on our activities. Because of my training on the trumpet, the right and left sides of my brain have become connected through the corpus callosum, which connects the two sides.

It was essential to access both sides of my brain while I was an air traffic controller in both the U.S. Navy and the Federal Aviation Agency. The early connections, because of music, provided two excellent job opportunities in my life.

The connections do not disconnect once they are put to use.

I present this because how would anyone know about neuroscience unless told? The subject of music is not always popular. It requires a person, like myself, who enjoys research and has spent a lifetime in music research.

The easiest way to put it: Music is the sounds of Math.

Ken Collins

Sweet Home