Letter: Parents need to be on alert for ‘Woke’ (Jan. 18, 2023)


America’s world has become infested and occupied by a Marxist secular religion.

It is a religion because people give it deep commitments. It offers a counterfeit, undefined “salvation.”

It’s a doomed mistake to take any pieces from Woke, as if they are separate from the mad fakeness that drives it.

Wake up! Don’t be woke!

Instead of defending and encouraging citizens who do good, and punishing doers of evil, Woke-ites label good as evil and declare evil to be good. As proficient Marxists, they recognize only the nameless “state” as a valid institution, so they presume to eclipse and erase families, business, church, education, economics, sports, the integrity of the individual and all formative, representative democratic foundations found in creation. By disallowing all other institutions, the Woke movement works to isolate and compel all citizens to submit to only its indoctrination.

Examples of this in American public education require responses and parent involvement to ensure that local school districts do not commandeer children.

For Sweet Home parents, communication with your school district would be prudent.

One recent example: On Jan. 6 of this year, the Oregon Department of Education announced publication of a new and expanded policy celebrating gender-expansive students. Woke policies to make students feel “safe” often fail and thwart local control and many students are finding other educational options.

Check it out at ODE: Affirming Gender, Names, and Pronouns in Student Information Systems – http://www.oregon.gov/ode/students-and-family/equity/civilrights/Documents/ODE-Name-Gender-Changes-SIS.pdf

ODE: Supporting Gender Expansive Students: Guidance for Schools – “this guidance is grounded in the civil rights of students to be free from gender identity-based discrimination when pursuing their education.” http://www.oregon.gov/ode/students-and-family/equity/civilrights/Pages/Gender-Identity-Guidance.aspx.

For parents and family members, one resource can be found at http://www.ParentsRightsInEducation.com.

Peter Ready