Letter: Poet expresses desire for change (Nov. 16, 2022)

Editor’s note: The following was written prior to the election and Veterans Day, but the timing did not allow it to be published in the newspaper prior to those events.


When you see the world

and the way it is now

you wonder why, when,

and most of all, how

How did this happen

is it really progress?

or are there some issues

we need to address:

How did we allow

this sad, violent change

law and order to

stop and rearrange?

Turn our backs

on unrelenting crime

have cities fall

to filth and grime?

Not call to task

elected people, who

forgot their oaths

while their wealth grew?

Too many have stayed

years too long

when retirement or jail

is where they belong.

The men and women

who fought and served

still haven’t gotten

what they deserved.

Veterans will be honored

on next Friday

and those still serving

will stay safe, I pray.

Maybe next Tuesday,

when the vote comes in

corrupt officials will be out

and our nation will win.

Mary Betts

Sweet Home