Letter: ‘Pretendville’ not good place to be (Nov. 2, 2022)


I went to see the border of Pretendville. Brace for impact.

Pretendville is tenacious and widespread when people live in ho-hum unbelief. Pretendville’s foundation is secular: People claim God is irrelevant or inappropriate to certain areas of life, especially the public arena. This is a great offense to the Lord and comes at a terrible human purchase price.

Physical entry into Pretendville may involve a geographic border. What I saw: There is no border. I watched as people casually crossed and waited for “border” patrol to pick them up and enter them into the well-oiled illegal immigration machine controlled by neoliberal globalists.

For some, migratory captivity into Pretendville may involve rigorous transformative gender “identity” self-concept belief systems. A child who may have gender doubts may be cornered by trans-genderites: “Do you really think you’re a boy? Do you really think you’re a girl?”

Such are the shock troop assaults to compel entry into gender Pretendville when children who may have gender confusion are abducted into the land of posing, predation and then mental instability where pretension is transformed into a civil rights movement.

Perpetrators in Pretendville have tremendous criminal “opportunities:” open borders for the operators involve sanctuary-state permissive legislative status – plus legalization of all drugs, open doors for child trafficking, violent crime forgiveness and Pretendville “look the other way” sign-off legislative cyphers, child and drug trafficking, plus fees for child chemical castration at a profit of $40,000 apiece, not to mention other unspeakable actions.

All of Pretendville’s critical gender, race, and climate theory schizophrenia is part and parcel of the atheist marxist West trying to destroy the knowledge of God, Christianity, creation, the family and western civilization in their war against the knowledge of sin. Go Realityville.

Pete Ready