Letter: Reader supports no pay-to-play (Nov. 23, 2022)


I would like to give a big pat on the back to the Sweet Home School District Board of Education for eliminating “pay to play” fees for our student-athletes and others involved in extracurricular activities.

I have never liked activity fees.

Families pay property taxes to support our schools and that should include all forms of learning opportunities.

Our young people get four years to experience the many good things high school offers, everything from athletics to band and drama or programs. Money should not be a deciding factor in whether they get to participate. They will graduate all too quickly.

For many, the world of work will begin immediately after graduation. They will join the rest of us taxpayers and begin to help financially support opportunities for those who follow them at Sweet Home High School.

Please encourage our young people to try out for the football team, sing in the chorus, play an instrument in the band, or earn a part in one of the school plays.

This is their day in the sun.

Let’s help them shine.

Alex Paul