Letter revealed ‘liberal’ views


Responding to Diane Daiute’s letter of Aug. 1: You really know how to stir the pot don’t you? The scary thing is that you actually believe what you write.

Your “Guns R Us” letter brought excellent responses. Thank you, Ms. Daiute, for writing the letter. And thank you to everyone who wrote an excellent response to the letter.

I am one of the thousands of horrible gun owners. I am pro-life, I believe in traditional marriage, I hunt and fish. I am a conservative American.

I loved all the responses to your emotional, feelings-based, twisted letter. I do appreciate your opinion. I thank you for the wonderful, free service you provide to the community in educating and exposing to us what really lies in the heart and mind of a liberal/progressive.

I love how you lay it all out for the world to see the deluded, hypocritical, common-sense-lacking, hate-filled “truth” that is liberal. I hope the community reads your nonsense and I hope they have their children read it as well to give them a better understanding of liberal thinking.

A liberal can cover their Subaru with peace symbols: “Co-exist,” “Free Tibet,” “War is Not the Answer” and “Tolerance” stickers all they want, but when they open the hole below their nose, the truth comes out fast, it is the hatred for anything not conforming to their vision of Utopia.

I would really question your “deepest, instinctual feelings” because I know many outstanding people who own guns and have never committed a gun crime. “Deep and instinctual feelings” can be misleading. Feelings ignore facts, logic and common sense. In a word, they ignore truth.

Please keep up the great letters exposing liberals for what they truly are.

Mike Whitmore

Sweet Home