Letter: Schools still safe place for kids (June 22, 2022)


On June 6, Michael Gerson wrote the following sentence in an editorial of the Washington Post: “In a recent CBS-YouGov poll, 44 percent of Republicans agreed that mass shootings are ‘unfortunately something we have to accept’ in a free country.”

These people consider mass shootings a collateral damage of the second amendment. However, the damage is much worse than that. Mass shootings are the tip of an “iceberg.”

Last year almost 45,000 people had been shot dead in our country. “Only” 693 of those had been killed in mass shootings. That is a heavy price we all have to pay for the freedom of some of us.

A word about school shootings:  Last year, 5,692 children had been killed by guns in the USA, 12 of them in school shootings. This year’s numbers will be considerably higher but the ratio will remain similar.  This means that our children are still a lot safer inside of a school than outside of it.

Wolf Krebs

Sweet Home