Letter: Science: Life does start at conception (May 25, 2022)


In response to Diane Daiute, May 18, concerning abortion:

Human life begins at conception. How do we know this? To coin a popular phrase, “follow the science.”

At conception, all DNA is present for a human being; at conception, the baby’s first body cell contains 46 chromosomes that are uniquely human. Religion and politics are thereby justified in their fight for life.

It is backed by science.

We fool ourselves, calling the baby a fetus or embryo. It’s a baby. Calling it by anything else just makes it easier to get rid of it. Don’t you think that it is odd that we call the baby a fetus when an abortion is wanted, but we call it a baby if a wanted pregnancy is lost through miscarriage?

We talk about the rights and freedom of a woman.

When will be give equal consideration to a baby?

Kathryn Ives

Sweet Home