Letter: Sheriff Duncan ‘honest and ethical’ (Oct. 26, 2022)


I worked with Sheriff Duncan for 22 years. I know her to be honest and ethical.

While there are many employees who support Sheriff Duncan’s opponent there are also many who support Sheriff Duncan.

Those who support Sheriff Duncan’s opponent have been free to campaign for him, speak out on social media, name call and even make allegations against her that are untrue.

Former employees have written letters disparaging her character and criticizing her. Some of these people are angry about situations that may have occurred years ago during a different administration and have nothing to do with Sheriff Duncan; these people simply have longstanding grudges.

I had a wonderful career at the Sheriff’s Office and I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked there for 30 years. During my time there I worked with a lot of wonderful, dedicated people. I also worked with some who were disgruntled and unhappy, as every workplace has those people.

The employees supporting Sheriff Duncan’s opponent feel comfortable doing this all knowing if Sheriff Duncan is to retain her office, they will suffer no consequences for doing so because she has only shown them fair treatment through her career and through this election.

Many employees who support Sheriff Duncan have not come forward publicly because they are not sure they will be afforded the same treatment should her opponent become Sheriff.

They are the honorable people of the Sheriff’s Office who choose to follow Sheriff Duncan in acting in a dignified manner.

Cathy Orcutt

911 Communications Manager, Retired

Linn County Sheriff’s Office