Letter: Sorry to see firm exit as help arrives



The new director of community economic growth and development was just introduced at the City Council meeting. He has valuable aspirations for the future of Sweet Home’s commerce.

So what does The New Era present to him? A viable, growing company, building a product with a huge solid future, will be leaving the area (“Ti Squared planning move to Millersburg,” Sept. 13). However, entering will be a company that produces a product that reduces the viability of a work force for the future (“Commission to consider retail pot use permit,” Sept. 13)?

Any company that can actually produce economic growth will demand a work force that will comply with the assurance of physical and mental capacity of work ethic. Basic hiring policy typically demands a non-drug-related bill of health.

How is the new community economic growth development director going to be able to project to potential commercial clients that Sweet Home means a solid future of work force when there will be not just one but two drug dealers in town? Both of them right as you get into town?

Just because it is “legal” does not make it in the best interest of the public.

This is “Oregon at its Best?”


Bonnie J. Neal

Sweet Home

Good neighbors

keep stuff at home


I’m sure I speak for many when I say that if you want to block your mailbox, your newspaper box, make it difficult for the garbage collectors (without whom civilization would crash) and street cleaners (ditto) to do their jobs in front of your house, that’s fine.

But you should not obstruct your neighbor’s street frontage, causing dysfunction. It ceases to be public, in my opinion, when the Post Office stops delivering the mail because – “box blocked.” When the newspaper lady can no longer reach the newspaper box, so she throws it. When the rain ceases to flow efficiently into the storm drains. Not to mention fire truck and ambulance access.

The streets are not your personal parking/storage lot.

If you have umpteen million cars/RVs/boats and/or friends with same, you should buy a house with acreage. Sweet Home does have RV/boat storage facilities.

Another novel idea is to use your garage to park a couple of your cars.

And then there is the obligation to maintain the property values of our single-family residential neighborhood.

Not multi-family and not zoned commercial.

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home