Letter sparked a nerve


Wow! The city of Sweet Home really dodged a bullet.

After reading the letter by Kim Lawrence (Nov. 15) I was incredibly shocked. Call it sour grapes, jealousy or whatever. Ms. Lawrence’s letter has sparked somewhat of a nerve with me.

As a person who has lived here my entire life I take offense to you saying that this town is a “mess.” This town is not a mess! This is a town that takes care of each other. A town I chose to live, work and raise my family in because of what it is.

I don’t know what your vision is for Sweet Home but I would want no part of it! I do not need an imagined idea of what this town could be because I have seen and know what this town is. This is a beautiful town and community. This town has come together to put in youth fields and facilities, raise thousands of dollars for injured or dying families, rallied behind a school bond, etc.

I have benefited both personally and professionally from this town. I could go on and on. This is not something that I have “heard” but rather what I have witnessed and received. I witnessed this town’s care and generosity in 1978 when my dad was injured in a timber accident just as I am seeing this “messed-up” town today as at the high achool we are readying Thanksgiving baskets for 35 families in need from this community.

As for your attack on Mona Waibel, I am a REAL citizen with a REAL complaint on your attack on Mona’s character. Your comment of “what she was drinking or smoking” was immature, offensive and just mean-spirited. A comment, such as that, I couldn’t imagine coming from any of the four newly elected City Council members.

Obviously, you don’t have the facts yourself nor even know Mona or what she has done for this town. In closing, I will take what Mona has done for this “messed up” town for over the past 50 years and what she will continue to do over any vision of what you would hope to see.

Steve Thorpe

Sweet Home