Letter: Support East Linn Museum (Nov. 17, 2021)


I am writing to encourage strong support for Sweet Home’s local hometown museum and its staff, the East Linn Museum Society.

This community is blessed with a wonderful asset and resource that should be preserved and supported both economically and with volunteer labor. A museum does not care for itself.

It requires many hours of volunteer labor to catalog and maintain the collection, provide public access and support research efforts. Maintaining the collection and building also requires funds. This museum survives solely on memberships and donations.

Recently, I contacted the museum for help researching the history of the Quartzville Mining District and surrounding area for a book I’m writing. They have a substantial collection of photos, documents and artifacts on the district and other mining history of the region.

The dedicated ELMS staff generously opened the museum to me to do research. For two long days they provided access to their artifact collection, research files and photo archive. I was able to photograph many objects and collect much needed basic data.  For this I am ever grateful.  This museum is truly a goldmine of historical information.

This fine organization needs the local community’s strong support so that it will continue to be available for both current and future generations. If we do not know our past, we cannot envision or define our future. And without a strong knowledge of our past we are destined to repeat our errors.

Museums tell us where we have been so that we might know and appreciate the benefits of today and more appropriately prepare for the future.

Please support the East Linn Museum with your time, talent and donations to keep this community asset available.

Steven Munts

Spokane, Wash.