Letter to the Editor: Youngster dead wrong on Social Security


Regarding the column “At 70, Social Security needs to die,” (Aug. 24), I didn’t have to read all the way to the credit to learn that this diatribe was written by a youngster who appears to either not know what is happening in this wonderful nation or is someone who just doesn’t give a damn, or both.

Quite obviously, it does not register with Mr. Epstein that hundreds of millions of people and countless millions of helpless children have not had to suffer abject poverty because of Social Security, in place now for 70 years.

I have sometimes wondered why we have not realized that, while wealthy people do not need this benefit, they often seem to begrudge those who do. Wealthy people surely can see that their wealth comes largely by the fact that there are thousands of people working to make the means of their wealth even possible. To the eternal glory of one multi-billionaire, Warren Buffet acknowledges that.

Yes, I know, some think God gave them their money. That’s because they’ve forgotten or never knew that God resides in the mind of every human alive. Anyway, I doubt God plays for keeps. The cemetery is full of proof.

But I think it may be far more expeditious for us to point that out to these whiners who seem so eager to kill the goose, so to speak. Surely that would be better (to change the metaphore) to do that than to sink the boat beneath them.

Mr. Epstein would do well to learn that the chief reason for the “trouble,” which in fact doesn’t exist, with Social Security lies at the hands of the profligate congressmen and senators who never overlook pork barrels, enough for a feeding frenzy for every administration.

William H. (Bill) Johnson

Sweet Home